Residential solar

Residential Solar Power Solutions


Going Solar, Going Natural. One of the great steps your have taken in your life. It will not only save you money but also helps the environment when you generate electricity from Sun which is renewable source of energy. Solar power is in abundance, available during daytime when Sun is out.

Is Residential solar power is suitable for me?
Answer is YES. If you tick all the boxes below:

  • Home Owner. You live in your own house
  • Electricity bill per quarter is $250 or more
  • You have a roof that faces East, West or North.
  • Sun is out in your area during day time

How long it takes to install Solar Panels?

Once you make up your mind and ready to go, it may take 2 weeks to 2 months depending upon various factors such as peak time of the year, your availability and financial approvals. Our expert technicians / accredited subcontractor will be in touch with you and tell you in advance about the process.

FInancial Options for Residential Solar Installation?

We work with industry leading financial provider which can help you to make a better decision. Let us know if you’re considering finance options.

What is next process to get residential solar?

Once you decided to Go Solar, Go Natural then it’s time to hit the Contact Oz Solar world button below and sit, back and relax. We will take care of your needs.