How does Solar power works

Solar Power System


Sun is main source of solar power. There are various solar power components including solar panels mounted on your roof facing the sun for maximum exposure to sunlight during daytime. Once Solar Panels capture the solar energy in a DC form,  they will pass it to the inverter which converts it to AC power. During daytime, if excess energy is created after your energy needs are met then it is transferred to the grid. You will receive credit known as FEED-IN-TARIFF.

Various solar components are:

  • Solar Panels
  • Inverter
  • Solar Panel Mounting Racks
  • Battery Pack
  • Other solar power equipments such as power meter

Solar modules are the most expensive component of a solar power system. Also known as the solar power panels, they are the elements that sit on your roof and collect photons from the sun’s rays and turn them into direct current electricity. The modules we provide carry a 25-years performance warranty.

off grid solar inverter


The inverter is the component that converts the direct current electricity from your modules to alternating current electricity to be used in your home. Your inverter will be placed in your garage or on the outside of your home for easy access. The inverters we install have a 5-10-year warranty.

Solar Panel Mounting Racks

Solar racking interfaces with your roof to ensure structural stability of the system and watertight roof connections. The systems we provide use Anodized aluminum and stainless steel components with life expectancies in excess of 25 years and carry a 10-year manufacturer warranty.